Welcome To Monmouth Executive Airport

Monmouth Executive Airport - Old GLoryThis is the official blog of the airport, loving run by Ruthie and David over at the FBO…(-:

In late 2013 the Airport was purchased from longtime owner Ed Brown, by a consortium of aviation enthusiasts know as the Wall Aviation Group. This team of experienced airport managers and aviators brings with them a burning desire to turn our sleepy little airport into a modern jet center that rivals the amenities of other more crowded local NJ airports like Teterboro and Morristown.

Already the airport has gone to 24/7 operation and dealt with many years of neglect by streamlining operations and adding features for enhanced security and safety at the airport. Its true that some have seen the changes at the airport as a departure from our quaint, informal history but we see it as an opportunity to make the airport into a viable economic presence in central jersey to the great benefit of the entire surrounding area, especially the Jersey Shore.  A revitalized Monmouth Airport could become a hub for travel, encouraging businesses both on and off the airport to move to the area and participate in the local economy.

We are working hard to strike a balance between the need to create sustainable economics at the airport, and the rich, informal history of the Monmouth with pilots and the surrounding community.

It will take time, but we are confident that bit by bit we will get where we want to be.  In the meantime opportunities for those with a little vision abound, and we highly encourage pilots and part 135 operators to take another look at Monmouth Executive Airport.

We are taking on passengers for our flight into the future…

– Ruthie Stoaks, FBO Manager.