Patch the holes in your aviation insurance in New Jersey

monmouth-airport-logoUnderstanding your aviation insurance policy is absolutely essential not just in New Jersey, but globally. At Monmouth Executive Airport we take a closer look at aviation insurance. In the past, some rather large aviation insurance claims have been denied because the pilots have not met with policy requirements. Of course it’s not the aim of the insurance provider to deny a claim, but if a pilot or carrier does not adhere to the contract terms, the chance that an expensive damages claim can be denied, is heightened.

If you want to patch the holes in your aviation insurance, then you should avoid the following scenarios which usually result in a denied claim:

  • Unapproved pilots – never make use of a pilot who does not meet with your policy’s approved pilot clause. Some policies make allowances for an “open pilot” clause which details broad credentials for those who may or may not operate the aircraft. Other policies will detail approved pilots and second in command individuals. Make sure you check these policy stipulations before allowing a pilot to make use of your aircraft.
  • Misunderstanding of approved-use clauses – most policies will stipulate what commercial and non-commercial uses the aircraft can be used for in order to be covered.
  • Lack of sufficient security measures – where you keep your aircraft and what sort of security measures are in place to protect it will play a role. It is best to make sure you are aware of what your policy says in terms of this in order for your insurance policy to have you covered.

Aviation insurance brokers

Choosing the right aviation insurance brokers is also quite important if you want to ensure you can have a safe take-off and landing and that you will be covered should something unexpected occur.

When operating your jet or similar aircraft from Monmouth Airport in New Jersey, or any other airport for that matter, you will certainly need to have insurance measures in place.

Top aviation insurance brokers serving New Jersey include:

  • Liberty Mutual Group
  • Wings Agency

What does Monmouth Executive Airport offer for corporate jets?

If you make use of a corporate jet, rest assured that Monmouth Executive Airport has what is required to cater for your every need. Safe and secure in-hangar parking is available for all sizes of jets as well as access to convenient refuelling with competitively priced Jet A and Avgas which is available on-field.

In-hangar parking rates are between 30% and 40% cheaper than Teterboro and Morristown and the airport location provides the ideal uncongested alternative when travelling to New York City and Jersey Shore. To find out more about in-hangar parking space for corporate jets visit us at Monmouth Executive Airport in New Jersey.


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