Airplanes that transformed aviation history

Monmouth Executive Airport - Old GLoryAviation history spans many years and has presented a myriad of airplanes sporting various designs and functionalities. In New Jersey, at the Monmouth Executive Airport, we have an appreciation for the various airplanes that have transformed aviation over the years.

Airplanes responsible for transforming the industry are unfortunately not well known and therefore not well appreciated. Their designs and innovations are responsible for the convenience and safety of the aircrafts that we use today. Below are just a few of the transformational airplanes throughout aviation history:

  • Wright 1905 Flyer – known as the first practical airplane in the world. It was capable of flying for more than half an hour, had upright seats for pilot and passenger, offered durability and greater speed than its predecessors.
  • Deperdussin Monocoque – this airplane is responsible for the introduction of the global design standard as well as further streamlining of planes we have seen over the years. This plane was first flown in 1911.
  • Junkers J-13 – this was the first airplane to introduce a thick wing that produces a greater lift. This airplane was constructed from metal and offered a fully enclosed cabin and a high degree of streamlining.

These are just a few of the planes that had an integral part to play in the functional designs of the airplanes that we make use of today.

A short history of airplanes

The history of airplanes goes back just two decades. When the idea or concept of flight was first realised, many tried to create contraptions that mimicked the flight of birds. The first machines with mechanical flapping wings were called ornithopters. The next attempt was that of creating lighter-than-air balloons in 1783, but this failed when it was discovered that these balloons would be flightless without a wind blowing.

At the turn of the 19th century, Sir George Cayley created a flying machine that had fixed wings, movable control surfaces and a propulsion system. This was when the true concept of the airplane was born and when the aviation industry truly began. Since then we have seen great changes, improvements and enhancements in the industry to bring us to the airplanes we currently use today.

Monmouth Executive Airport provides in-hangar parking for corporate jets

At Monmouth Executive Airport you will find readily available airplane hangar space in New Jersey for all sizes of corporate jets and piston aircraft. The rates are designed to be 30% to 40% cheaper than those you would expect to pay at Teterboro or Morristown and you don’t have to wait a year to get space.

Refuelling is made a simple task with Jet A and Avgas which is available on-field. The airport also features a covered fuelling canopy to ensure you and your passengers are not exposed to the elements. With 7371-foot and 3512-foot runways available, there is every reason to believe that Monmouth Executive airport is just the place to park your corporate jet.

For more information on the new Monmouth Executive Airport, call the FBO at (732) 751-0044 or visit us at


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