Hangar Rental: The need for enforcement of rules governing hangar usage

Monmouth Jet Center FBO Monmouth Executive AirportUp until recently, the non-aeronautical use of airplane hangers in New Jersey and other states has largely remained unregulated by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA).

While OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations, building codes and licensing requirements have long been in place to ensure the safety of hangars, airports and their associated facilities, the use of the hangers themselves by those renting space had been governed by rules set by each individual airport or airfield, as well as the aviation community using the space.

This has resulted in inconsistent use of hanger space, with renters storing vehicles, household items and other non-aeronautical items in the hangers – an issue that has resulted in the FAA drawing up formal regulations for hangar usage. Whilst these rules, once formalized, will apply to airports that want federal grants, they are designed to streamline hanger use as well as increase important safety aspects.

By enforcing these rules, the FAA and airports that adopt this policy aim to:

  • Remove non-aeronautical items being stored in hangers.
  • Open up hanger space for rental (which is in high demand) that is being taken up by non-aeronautical items.
  • Open up storage for aeronautical items that currently cannot be stored in hangars due to space issues.
  • Prohibit certain types of aircraft repair and construction that impact on the space and quality of hangar storage.

These regulations have not been formalized or enforced at this stage but the development of a clear-cut, well thought-out policy on hangar usage will bring positive change to this side of flying, making aircraft storage more practical and available.

Hangar rental information

If you are looking for hangar space for rent in New Jersey, it’s important to select a provider such as Monmouth Executive Airport which provides clear guidelines on hangar usage – and enforces these regulations – to ensure you have a high-quality client experience. It is also advised to specifically target airports that can supply you with the appropriate space for your aircraft – whether it’s a prop plane, helicopter or multi-engine Gulfstream charter jet – immediately, in order to avoid inconvenient waiting periods.

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