Can a personal aircraft offer big business benefits?

cropped-kblm-monmouth-airport-jet-center-enhancedarialphoto2.jpgWhen it comes to corporate travel, there really are only two options – using commercial flights or using a private aircraft. While commercial airlines appear to be the more cost-effective option, there are a number of reasons why a private jet should be your preferred choice:

  • Save time – It hardly needs to be said that in business, time is money. Unlike commercial flights where you have to fit into their schedule, a private jet is highly flexible and can be organized in as little as a few hours. Rather than dealing with queues and boarding requirements, you can simply arrive at the airport minutes before your flight, allowing you to stay productive and in contact right up until your arrival. Business jets also have amenities that allow you to work as you fly, allowing you to hit the ground running.
  • Convenient locations – Commercial airliners are restricted to a select number of airports across the country while private aircraft can operate from almost ten times as many locations. This means you avoid heavy traffic and long journeys to overcrowded airports.
  • Fewer restrictions – Unlike commercial aircraft, private aircraft have fairly relaxed restrictions on what you can bring onboard – from pets and special belongings to product samples and excess baggage.
  • Quality service – With luxury furnishings, space to stretch out and personalized in-flight service, you’ll be able to relax – ensuring you arrive at your destination refreshed and recharged.
  • Faster trip – Private aircraft aren’t restricted to the same routes as commercial aircraft and fly at a higher altitude allowing them to take the most direct route with the least amount of fuel stops. This means you get to your destination significantly faster, allowing you to make urgent meetings which otherwise would be impossible to get to on time.

Our NJ executive airport is ideal for private aircraft and business jets

Monmouth Executive Airport is a leading facility in New Jersey for corporate jets and private aircraft. Offering high quality, competitively priced rates, fuel and hangar space in New Jersey, we offer you and your clients an exceptional flying experience. For more information, please visit our website at today.