Why private business jets are the way you need to travel in 2015

monmouth-airport-logoHappy New Year! 2015 is already set to become a year full of challenges as well as opportunities and the specialists at Monmouth Executive Airport in New Jersey are ready to help your business soar. But what makes flying by private jet charter so integral to the success of your business? Find out here:

  • Agility – Need to make a last minute decision to stay ahead of the competition and finalize a deal halfway across the country? With a commercial flight, you’ll waste hours organizing tickets, waiting to depart, checking in baggage and making stops en route. With a private jet, you can set the time of the flight, arrive 10 to 15 minutes before takeoff and fly directly to your destination without having to follow commercial flight paths. This will cut your travel time down to a fraction of what it was, allowing you to make vital business decisions as quickly as possible.
  • Customization – Commercial airliners have to cater to the needs of hundreds of passengers, whilst private charters are able to customize their services to fit your exact needs. From the size of the jet, onboard facilities and inflight menu to taking your pets and sample products, your charter company can offer you a solution that caters to you.
  • Experience – Rather than using the one-size-fits-all accommodation available on commercial airplanes, corporate jets offer an exceptional, high quality experience before you even board your jet. From customized executive travel and parking assistance to customized refreshments and high speed Internet access, your flight is a place of relaxation or productivity rather than a necessary but inconvenient experience.
  • Time-saving – Rather than using busy public airports, private jet clients can choose airfields closer to home or the office, allowing you to avoid traffic and unnecessary travel. Not only are these airports conveniently located, they have also been designed with private clients in mind. From superior facilities to hosting exceptional corporate charter companies, business and private travellers will find everything they need to travel efficiently – and in style.

If you are considering flying out of New Jersey, Monmouth Executive Airport offers everything business and private travellers require. For charter companies, we offer high quality, competitively priced rates, fuel and hangar space in New Jersey, whilst you and your clients receive an exceptional flying experience. For more information, please visit our website at monmouthjetcenter.com today.