How business jets and charter flights accommodate disabled and mobility impaired passengers

Monmouth Executive Airport - Old GLoryFlying on private business jets can be summed up under one philosophy: meeting your needs, whatever they are. This extends to everything from dietary requests and in-flight Internet connectivity to strictly customized flight schedules and flexibility. For passengers who are disabled or mobility impaired, similar dedication is taken in order to meet your needs. This results in an experience which far surpasses what commercial airliners are able to provide.

  • The boarding procedure: When boarding a private jet, the process is simplified for convenience. With executive travel and parking services, passengers are driven directly to the airplane’s steps and can undergo the security procedures, including the security scan, without leaving the car. Staff will be available if any assistance is required and passengers are able to embark at their own pace.
  • The travel experience: Depending on the type of jet, the configuration of seats and storage will differ. However, unlike the one-size-fits-all commercial airliner experience, many jets can easily accommodate wheelchairs and other mobility equipment in the cabin for easy access. With plenty of extra legroom, comfortable seating and secure car-seat style seatbelts, you will be able to get in and out of your seat with complete ease. As always, staff will be on hand to provide any additional assistance.
  • Additional services: Private charters can also easily accommodate services for anyone with more serious physical needs, for example, medical equipment, oxygen tanks and on-site medical assistance.

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