Your first trip on a corporate jet? Here’s what to expect

Jet Fuel From TobaccoYour first trip on a private charter or corporate jet should be an exciting and fulfilling experience – and knowing the rules for jet etiquette will help enhance every aspect of your journey. While the rules for commercial airliner travel are fairly well known and are getting stricter and less flexible every year, rules for corporate and charter jets are a bit different. Here’s a brief guide from Monmouth Executive Airport on the do’s and don’ts of exclusive travel:

  • Dress appropriately – For corporate trips, business wear is ideal, but for leisure trips a more casual look is ideal. After all, this experience is all about travelling in comfort.
  • Let your host board first – If you’re a guest, this is the best way to board the aircraft. It gives your host a chance to point out amenities, introduce you to staff and ensures you don’t sit in his or her preferred seat.
  • Keep devices on – Staying in contact is integral to the private jet experience. You can take or make calls, browse online, check email and host conferences as you would in the office.
  • Talk to staff – Want particular music, a movie or something to drink? Let the staff know – they are there to look after you and make your experience as comfortable as possible.
  • Got pets? – Pets are welcome inside the cabin, but it’s best to ensure your animals are properly groomed beforehand to ensure that upholstery stays clean.
  • Got questions? – If you want to speak to the staff or the pilots, don’t hesitate to do so. The cockpit door stays open, so you can visit the flight deck at any time. Even if you don’t have questions, the view is always something to remember.
  • Relax – Sit back and enjoy yourself, the staff are there to carry your bags, properly stow them and look after all the needs of you and the other passengers, so you can absorb the private jet experience.

At Monmouth Executive Airport, your private jet experience begins long before you takeoff. With our exclusive services for private charter companies and convenient location in New Jersey, we’re able to ideally meet the needs of the private flyer. With attractive leasing options, ample airplane hangar space, fuel and executive travel and parking services, we’re providing world-class amenities from the moment you arrive. For more information, please visit our website at today.