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What Makes A Great FBO Manager?

Fixed base operations (FBOs) are critical to the success of a private airport, ensuring that charter, business and aviation services are kept running smoothly and that clients have everything they need to supplement their journey. FBOs include VIP flight services and flight planning, inflight catering services, baggage handling services, and lounge facilities as well as aircraft refueling, maintenance and security services. All of these partners come together under an FBO Manager – and a great FBO Manager means a seamless and rewarding experience for aviation companies, pilots and their guests. Here’s what makes a great FBO Manager, from Monmouth Executive Airport in NJ.

  • Listening to customer feedback: Having the right mix of high-quality FBO services means listening to clients, whether it’s guest feedback from private passengers of charter companies or information from charter companies and pilots who base their aircraft at the airport. This helps refine services and ultimately give guests and aviation businesses exactly what they need to ensure a high-quality, exceptional experience.
  • Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking: Private airports are all about going the extra mile to deliver a better flying experience for charter companies, private pilots and their guests. That means thinking a little differently to deliver services and benefits that ensure that essential wow-factor. From adding luxurious features and services that guests will love to implementing fuel loyalty programs that attract the best charter companies, it’s all about creativity and innovation.
  • Luxury without wastage: Great FBO managers are data-driven – they know all the stats needed to make the best decisions on FBO services. This means that they know how to ensure the most luxurious experience to guests and the best benefit to charter companies without wasting money. This means seamless, high-quality services that offer serious value for money.

Start Your Journey with Monmouth Executive Airport – World-Class FBO Services, Hangar Space in NJ, and Much More 

Monmouth Executive Airport offers the perfect start to any journey, whether it’s to the next state or across to exotic destinations. With the largest private runway in the country, we can handle even the largest private jets with ease, as well as helicopters, smaller jets and piston aircraft.

In addition, we offer hangar space for rent as well as the opportunity to build your own custom hangar space. Our FBO services are extensive and we include on-site aircraft maintenance and repair services, de-icing services, 24-hour lavatory services, aviation fuel loyalty programs and more.

For more information about Monmouth Airport or aircraft hangars in NJ, please contact us or visit our website at

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What To Do and See- Landing At Monmouth Executive Airport in NJ

Flying into New Jersey is a pleasure at the newly revamped and expanded Monmouth Executive Airport. It’s located outside of crowded “Class B” airspace with the longest private runway in the country at 7300 feet long and just an hour from New York, Atlanta and Philadelphia, making it the ideal destination for private pilots, leisure and business travelers. So, what is there to see when you land?

  • Atlantic City: Known as America’s favorite playground, Atlantic City has everything you could want for a fun-filled vacation, from casinos and nightclubs to beaches and restaurants. Rich in history and famous for its prohibition-era mobsters, the city is the perfect stop for a trip to the glamorous past of the 1920s and 30s. Be sure to take a walk on the iconic boardwalk, constructed in 1870 and rich in tourist and carnival attractions.
  • Cape May: A fashionable resort town that saw its heyday in the 18th and 19th century, this picturesque part of New Jersey is brimming with quaint Victorian mansions. With beautiful beaches, the historic Cape May lighthouse and the fun-filled Raging Waters theme park, it’s a popular summer holiday destination.
  • Wildwoods: One of the most popular holiday destinations in the USA, Wildwoods draws over 9 million visitors a year! With 5 miles of beaches and 38 blocks of boardwalk offering hundreds of attractions, eateries and live entertainment, it’s not difficult to see why. It’s also a great sport for water activities, from surfing and swimming to deep sea and pier fishing, sailing and boating.
  • Ashbury Park: A beautiful beachside town, Ashbury Park has become even better known for hosting huge events throughout the year – especially in the summer months. From big-name musical shows at the Stone Pony and two active professional theatre companies to the AB Restaurant Tour, New Jersey Zombie Walk and Oysterfest, it has something for everyone.

Looking for Hangar Space in NJ? We Offer Aircraft Hangars Available Now 

Finding hangar space is a challenge anywhere in the country, but our offering of competitively priced custom aircraft hangars and aircraft storage options, along with our central location, makes us a real alternative to the crowded airports of Teterboro and Morristown. Through our world-class amenities, aircraft maintenance, hangars and services, we offer private clients an exceptional flying experience.

For more information on our FBO services or custom hangar space in NJ, please visit our website at today.

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Why Smaller Airports Are Better For A Private Jet Charter

When it comes to private air travel, the luxury and convenience of the jets and aircraft are an understandable priority – but there’s another important factor that has significant impact on the quality of the service and flight experience: the airport itself. A recent article in the New York Times revealed that leisure and business travelers are increasingly prioritizing smaller, private airports over big commercial ones. The team at Monmouth Executive Airport looks at why this is.

  • Shorter wait times: International commercial airports process a huge volume of travelers each and every day, with Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport leading the way in the USA with a massive 104 million passengers a year. While this is impressive, it does mean that there’s far more traffic to deal with both on the roads to the airport and in airports themselves. Private airports by comparison are located in quieter, low-traffic areas and handle far fewer passengers, so are able to offer a more peaceful, stress-free experience along with individual attention from staff.
  • Less security hassle: Security at large commercial airports has become understandably strict over the last couple of decades, with security checks becoming more invasive and time-consuming. In contrast, flying from a private airport means skipping security checks entirely – all you have to do is arrive at the airport and board your aircraft after a quick standard confirmation of your identity.
  • Easy airport transfers and exclusive services: The services at private airports is designed to complement the exclusive services offered by charter companies, so you can expect efficient airport transfer services and parking for your vehicle (no more frustration of packed multi-story lots), helicopter transfer services to get you into the city, and complimentary FBO services in a comfortable, well-appointed lounge if you need to wait for any reason.

Fly from Monmouth Executive Airport in NJ for a World-Class Travel Experience 

With the longest private runway in the country at over 7300 feet and luxurious amenities, we ensure that we can handle almost any class of non-commercial jet with ease. We also offer:

  • On-site jet and aircraft maintenance and repair services.
  • 24-hour fuel availability, including AVgas and Jet-A fuel at highly competitive rates.
  • 24-hour LED-based airport lighting and rotating beacon.
  • 24- hour lavatory servicing, de-icing services and GPU (Ground Power Units).
  • Airplane hangar space available immediately at affordable rates for helicopters, prop planes and multi-engine Gulfstream jets. We offer hangar space in NJ for rent or for sale, custom hangar space and attached office space if needed.

For more information about Monmouth Executive Airport in New Jersey, please contact us or visit our website today at

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Expanding Your Fleet? Find A Private Airport In NJ That Can Accommodate You

Private jet charter flights and flying by private jet is one of the fastest-growing industries in the USA. So, it’s no surprise that new charter companies are forming and established ones are looking to grow. But to grow, you need the right space and facilities to support your business and your clients. Monmouth Executive Airport has the solution.

• Room to grow

Many major airports in the USA are surrounded by the cities in which they are located. So, they are finding that room to expand is severely limited. This makes them unable to meet the demands for expansion without incurring a massive cost. In contrast, Monmouth Airport is located outside of the city limits while still a convenient drive or helicopter ride from Downtown Manhattan. As such, we have hectares of land open for development. We are focused on building hangar space and developing world-class facilities in line with client and charter company expectations.

We have private, communal and t-hangars available for immediate use. These can be either rented or purchased at competitive rates. We also have affordable development plans for you to custom build your hangar to your exact specifications.

• Affordable aviation fuel programs

Making Monmouth Airport a travel hub for the tri-state area is even easier with our well-priced aviation fuel. We offer both Jet-A and Avfuel 100 at rates that are competitive with or at lower rates than alternative airports, including Morristown and Teterboro. Volume fuel and self-service discounts are offered through our loyalty program.

• Whatever your jet, we can handle it

Room to build custom aircraft hangars with office space and aviation fuel discounts are great positives to partnering with Monmouth Airport. But that means nothing if your jets can’t land or take off safely. Fortunately, we have a solution there too. Our main runway clocks in at 7,300 feet: the longest runway of any private airport in the country. It can accommodate almost all classes of jets with ease. We also have a long secondary runway at 3,500 feet for smaller aircraft and reduced air traffic.

• The sky is the limit when your charter company partners with us

In addition to our competitively priced hangars and aircraft hangar packages, we also offer private owners and charter companies world-class support and FBO services. From lavatory servicing, de-icing services, and fuel loyalty programs to our well-appointed waiting lounge and concierge services, we strive to offer pilots, crews, and passengers a truly high-quality experience.

For more information about Monmouth Jet Center or airplane hangars in New Jersey, please contact us or visit our website at today.

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