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Private pilots and companies owning larger private jets are often forced to rely on commercial airports to meet their requirements for longer runways. Unfortunately, this often means dealing with heavy road and air traffic, massive volumes of travelers utilizing the airport, landing and takeoff delays, and commercial airport restrictions. If you are looking for an alternative in New Jersey, then – fortunately – Monmouth Executive Airport has the answer. With the longest private runway in the country, we can handle almost any non-commercial jets – and we have even more to offer.

At over 7,300 feet long, our expertly maintained runway is accompanied by LED-based airport lighting and rotating beacon on 24 hours a day. Located outside of high-traffic Class B airspace, we offer quick and comfortable take-offs and landings without the crowding and delays of commercial airports. As an airport designed to meet the specific needs of private aircraft owners, part 135 operators and corporate flight operators, we also offer the following 24/7 FBO services:

  • Concierge services for clients and operators
  • Catering services
  • Lavatory servicing
  • De-icing services
  • On-site aircraft maintenance services from qualified and experienced mechanics and crews
  • Helicopter landing facilities
  • High-speed internet
  • Executive limousine, taxi and car rental services
  • Jet-A and AvGas fuel at highly competitive prices as well as fuel purchase incentive programs and volume fuel discounts

With our airport just over an hour’s drive or 20-minute helicopter ride from the center of Manhattan, and just 5 minutes from the Garden State Parkway, we provide easy access to New York City as well as Philadelphia.

For more information about Monmouth Jet Center or our available airplane hangar space in New Jersey, please contact us or visit our website at today.

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Find out why airlines are taking precautions beyond Federal Aviation Administration restrictions after MH17 crash

monmouth-airport.fwThe tragic events surrounding the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 over the eastern Ukraine have been a much-needed wake-up call for airliners and authorities. Along with new restrictions being announced by the Federal Aviation Administration, airlines themselves are implementing their own additional restrictions to keep passengers, crew and aircraft safe.

Analysis of flight data showed the aircraft was flying just 1,000 feet above the airspace restricted by Ukrainian authorities over the conflict area. Although within the boundaries of the restrictions and breaking no laws, the aircraft was well within reach of the ground-to-air weaponry being utilized in the conflict area.

Despite being warned by the United Kingdom’s Civil Aviation Authority of safety issues in the area, there were no orders to stay out of that airspace and the flight plan filed by the airline was allowed and even cleared by all authorities. In fact, it had previously been considered fairly commonplace to fly over conflict zones throughout the world in order for airlines to deliver passengers and cargo as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Flight MH17 changed all that.

What restrictions are airlines taking to avoid a similar tragedy?

New FAA restrictions include flying at 30,000 feet rather than 20,000 feet, but airlines are taking additional precautions as MH17 was brought down whilst flying at 33,000 feet. In addition, they are re-routing flights to avoid conflict areas and even developing flight routes that avoid the affected countries altogether.

Monmouth Executive Airport, New Jersey

Monmouth Executive Airport is a secure, private facility conveniently located in New Jersey able to accommodate single engine aircraft as well as large business jets. With exceptional hangar facilities, competitively priced Jet A and Avgas fuel available on field and highly competitive rates, we’re able to provide you and your passengers with an exceptional airport experience. For more information, please visit our website at today.