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Jet Chartering vs. Jet Ownership – All the Pros and Cons


There’s no question that using a private jet is the most luxurious way to travel for business or pleasure, but is it better to own your own jet or simply charter one from a leading jet company? Our team at Monmouth Executive Airport in NJ takes a look.

  • Flexibility and Options

When you own a jet, that’s the jet you’ll use for all your travel needs. It sounds simple enough, but things can get tricky when it comes to space, as jets are very restrictive in terms of seating and load capacity. For example, when you own your own jet, you’re limited to the number of guests you can take with you and the quantity of luggage they can bring. If you’re chartering a jet, however, you simply tell the company what your needs are, and they supply the right size jet to make it happen.

  • Overhead Costs

The costs of running, maintaining and storing a private jet – even a smaller one – are prohibitive. In fact, they’re so high that top companies with billion-dollar revenues are choosing to give up their jets and opt for more affordable leasing and private charter agreements. Even the rule of thumb that flying a certain number of hours per year justifies owning a jet doesn’t always work out. For example, if you want to use your jet to go on a 3-week holiday, that means your crew has to fly back on a commercial flight and your jet has to be stored, then your crew has to return later to do your return flight – you can see how expenses can add up rapidly.

  • Convenience

The USA alone has thousands of commercial and private airports that are open to private jets, making them one of the most convenient modes of transport that can get you as close to your destination as possible. When you charter a jet, the company will organize that wherever you are, they can have a jet on-site at a convenient location for you to use. When you own a jet, that jet will have to travel to wherever you are, or you’ll have to travel to it, which is not always convenient for you and can add considerable travel time to your itinerary. This is especially important when poor weather conditions arise, as this may not impact your ability to fly but can make it difficult to access the airport where your jet is stored.

Affordable Hangar Space in NJ for Jet Charter Companies and Private Jet Owners 

Monmouth Executive Airport in New Jersey is a private airport catering to charter companies, private flyers, and their guests through world-class FBO services. With hangar space in NJ, the longest private runway in the USA, and expert aircraft maintenance services – all just a quick hour’s drive by car (or 20 minutes by helicopter) to the center of Manhattan, we’re a real alternative to congested New York City, Philadelphia and Jersey Shore gateway airports.

For more information about Monmouth Jet Center or airplane hangars NJ and custom hangar space in NJ, please contact us today or visit our website at

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Private Jet Travel – Get Ready for the Biggest Events of the Spring!

statue of liberty aerial view with an airplane

Spring is on its way and we’re all ready for a taste of what the warmer weather will bring. Here are some of the biggest events for private jet travelers from the team at Monmouth Executive Airport in NJ.

  • March Madness: Last year, March Madness saw an increase in private jet travel by over 15%, making it one of the biggest events for private jet travel! Fly into Phoenix in style and watch top teams like North Carolina, Oklahoma, Villanova and Syracuse battle it out for the top spot.
  • The Kentucky Derby: Are you ready for the excitement, glamour and Southern style of the 145thKentucky Derby? You are when you fly in on a private charter jet and join the crowds of more than 100 000 spectators for this world-class event! Dress your best and get ready to bet on the world’s greatest racehorses as you sip on a mint julip, enjoy exclusive views of the luxurious grounds as the horses race the famous Churchill Downs, and dine and dance the night away at the finest restaurants and festivals.
  • Head to Florida to enjoy the sun: Miami and Palm Beach are a slice of heaven in the spring – the perfect way to enjoy the first warmth of summer before the heat really sets in. Escape the lingering cold for Spring Break, Easter or Passover and enjoy everything these beachfront cities have to offer, from golfing and relaxing on pristine beaches to fine dining and exclusive nightclubs!

Learn to Fly this Spring and Add Adventure to Your Vacation 

If you dream of taking to the skies as a pilot, Monmouth Airport’s flight school in NJ is the place to be.

We have our own FAA certified A&P/IA on premises and our location outside of the crowded New York area airspace designations means that you get to experience clear, uncrowded skies as you learn to fly. Our classes and flying lessons are led by experienced and fully certified flight instructors who are dedicated to helping you achieve your dream.

For more information about flying lessons and how to learn to fly at flight schools in NJ, please visit our website at or contact us today.

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The Best Summer Fly-In Destinations for Pilots Stretching Their Wings

One of the perks of being a pilot is flying in to some of the most interesting and scenic destinations in the world. Here are the top picks for this summer from the team at Monmouth Executive Airport in NJ.

  • Key West (KEYW), Florida Keys: Nothing says “Summer” quite like Florida, so pack your swimsuit and head down to the closest destination to the Caribbean you can get without having to deal with Customs!
  • Dauphin Island (4R9), Alabama: Ever wanted to land on an aircraft carrier? This is the closest most pilots get! Also known as Jeremiah Denton Airport, you’ll come in just 5 feet above sea level onto a runway boarded by water on 3 sides.
  • Block Island (KBID), Rhode Island: This is a great summer destination for anyone who loves exploring the natural world, diving to shipwrecks, and relaxing on wilderness beaches. The landing is pretty dramatic too, with a scenic but short 2,502 x 100-foot runway.
  • First Flight Airport (KFFA), North Carolina: For this trip, you’re flying in the footsteps of the Wright Brothers when you land and take off at this historic airport, making it a must for any pilot. The scenic monument, just steps away from the runway, is truly breath-taking.
  • Grand Canyon West (1G4), Arizona: Admire the mighty Grand Canyon from the ultimate viewpoint as you come in to land on this runway. The land is owned by the Hualapai tribe of Native Americans and there is a landing fee of up to $100, but the view and the experience is well worth it!
  • Mackinac Island (KMCD), Michigan: With a newly reconstructed 3,500 runway, you’re guaranteed a smooth landing on this island destination. It’s a unique holiday experience here, with no motorized vehicles allowed on the island – so be prepared to enjoy a horse carriage ride into town, hiking, cycling and enjoying the historic town.

Keep Your Aircraft In Great Shape With Hangar Space In NJ At Monmouth Airport 

Finding hangar space is a challenge anywhere in the country, but our offering of competitively priced custom aircraft hangars and aircraft storage options along with our central location, makes us a real alternative to the crowded airports of Teterboro and Morristown. Through our world-class amenities, aircraft maintenance, hangars and services, we offer private clients an exceptional flying experience.

For more information on our FBO services, aircraft hangars in NJ or custom hangar space in NJ, please visit our website at today.

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Investing In A Private Jet? Keep It Pristine In Our Custom Hangars

Travelling by private jet is the only way to fly if you’re one of the USA’s top executives, celebrities, politicians or savvy travelers, so it’s no surprise that charter companies are expanding to meet this demand for luxury air travel. If you’re buying a new private jet for your fleet, it’s important to protect this important investment – and our custom hangar space is the best way to do it.

Aircraft hangar space – available to rent or buy 

At Monmouth Executive Airport, we’re expanding by opening acres of land for development. This means that we can offer private clients and charter companies several options for aircraft storage. These include:

  • Hangars for sale or for hire
  • Prebuilt hangars available for immediate use
  • Custom built aircraft hangar space where you can build your charter company’s hangar to your own specifications to ensure that your needs are met exactly. Includes office space.

World-class value-added services for charter companies and their clients 

With the largest private runway in the country at 7300 feet, we can easily handle almost any class of private jet. Our landing lights operate 24/7, as do our fuel and de-icing services. In addition, we can offer aircraft maintenance services on-site for your convenience.

For your clients, we offer an expanded range of FBO services through our recently upgraded facilities, including our well-appointed waiting lounge, dining and concierge services.

Don’t leave your investment out in the elements – Use our custom hangar space in NJ 

Finding hangar space is a challenge anywhere in the country, but our offering of competitively priced custom hangars and aircraft storage options along with our central location, makes us a real alternative to the crowded airports of Teterboro and Morristown. Through our world-class amenities, hangars and services, we offer private clients an exceptional flying experience.

For more information on our FBO services or custom hangar space in NJ, please visit our website at today.


If you’re one of New Jersey’s aircraft owners, part 135 operators or corporate flight operators, then you need to get to know Monmouth Executive Airport. Here’s why:

  1. We have the longest private runway in the country: At over 7,300 feet, we can comfortably accommodate almost any non-commercial jet, making hair-raising take-offs and landings on shorter runways a thing of the past.
  2. We’re located in Class B airspace: Crowded airspace is stressful for any pilot, no matter how experienced they are. In addition to the extra risk, pilots and passengers have to deal with lengthy take-off and landing delays as well as more complicated flight paths.
  3. All of our FBO services run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: Some private airports limit their FBO services to certain schedules – not us. With crew and passenger lounges, executive limousine and travel services, concierge services, catering, de-icing and lavatory servicing (and much more) operating as and when you need them, all your crew and guest needs are met throughout your stay.
  4. We’re centrally located: Monmouth Jet Center is surprisingly convenient in terms of its location to the central hubs of New York and Philadelphia. Just over an hour’s drive or 20-minute helicopter ride from the center of Manhattan, and just 5 minutes from the Garden State Parkway, it provides quick and easy links for pilots, crew and passengers alike.
  5. Competitively priced fuel: Priced at better rates than Teterboro and Morristown, we offer both AVGas and Jet-A at great rates. In addition to fuel incentive programs, we also offer volume fuel discounts and self-service rates that offer additional savings.
  6. We have airplane hangar space available now!: Protecting your investment is key whether you’re a private pilot or an operator – and the best way to do it is to keep your jet out of the elements. With custom built hangars, common-use hangars, t-hangars and larger aircraft hangars with attached office space for rent or build, qw can meet your specific needs exactly.

Monmouth Executive Airport in NJ – Where great service is our priority 

At Monmouth Executive Airport, we’ve made service our differentiator. From a wide range of world-class FBO services to custom-built airplane hangar space and more, we set ourselves apart from the hassle and crowds of our competitors.

For more information about Monmouth Jet Center or aircraft hangars in New Jersey, please contact us or visit our website at today.

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What does it take to learn to fly?

Training to become a pilot – whether commercial, private or for recreational purposes – takes several essential things: training, qualifications and passion. Monmouth Executive Airport’s flight school in NJ explores just what it takes to become a pilot.

Who can fly? 

As long as you are at least 17 years old and have passed the Federal Aviation Authority’s medical examination, you can start learning to fly. Generally, this screening process looks for medical issues which can interfere with your ability to fly safely, including heart attacks, fainting spells and seizures. Many people with physical and hearing disabilities can still qualify for training and there is no upper age limit for qualifying.

What qualifications do I need to fly? 

There are three main types of certification, depending on what you would like to achieve in your training. These include a Recreational Pilot License (RPL), a Private Pilot License (PPL) and a Commercial Pilot License (CPL). Most people and flight schools choose to focus primarily on PPL and CPL courses.

At a Part 61 flight school you will be required to do 40 hours of flight training for a PPL and 250 for a CPL, while Part 141 flight school requires 35 and 190 flight hours respectively for each of these licenses. In addition to your flight time, you will have to pass an FAA Third Class medical examination given by an Air Medical Examiner, an FAA written examinations and an oral and flight test given by a FAA Designated Examiner.

What airplanes will I learn on? 

There is a range of airplanes available for flight training and these will differ from school to school. At Eagles View Aviation, Inc., the ten expertly maintained training aircraft include single and twin-engine Cessna airplanes.

Flight school at Monmouth Executive Airport in New Jersey 

Monmouth Executive Airport is home to Eagles View flight school. With over 20 years of training experience, dedicated Certified Flight Instructors and a fleet of ten aircraft, we have logged over 68 thousand flight instruction hours and trained many career and recreational pilots.

For more information about our flight school and flying lessons, please visit our website at or contact us today.

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