The most popular business jets – and why

Monmouth Jet Center FBO Monmouth Executive AirportThree words come to mind when we talk about business jets – speed, luxury and style. However, in this highly competitive, elite market certain jets stand out above the rest by offering clients exceptional space and amenities in addition to eye-catching looks. Here, Monmouth Executive Airport in New Jersey explores the top choices in exclusive aviation.

  1. Gulfstream 650 – Top of our list and the most popular choice for discerning corporate and private clients is this exclusive charter jet. With exceptional long-range capabilities, world record-breaking speed, fuel efficiency, luxury fittings and elegant design, this jet is more than luxury transport – it’s a statement of power, aviation excellence and innovative technology. Other features of this jet include the largest cabin space on the market, easily accommodating 18 travellers, a state-of-the-art cabin management system and shower options.
  2. Bombardier Global 6000 – Running a close second, this Canadian-manufactured business jet focuses on industry leading cabin comfort and long range trip efficiency to deliver everything a client wants in a jet. Spacious enough to comfortably accommodate 19 travellers in a variety of customizable layouts and fully equipped with high-speed Internet access as well as a shower system, it is second only to the Gulfstream 650 in popularity.
  3. Gulfstream 550 – The second most popular Gulfstream is widely considered to be one of the most sensible options for business and private travellers. Safe, dependable and budget-friendly, this jet offers speed, long range and a bold aesthetic, including 12 different and equally luxurious cabin layouts. Able to land on smaller runways of 3,500 feet, this jet offers great travel flexibility.
  4. Dassault Falcon 7X – Developed by French manufacturer Dassault Aviation, this jet travels at about 90 (MMO .90) percent of the speed of sound, comfortably carrying up to 16 travellers. A tri-jet aircraft, this fly-by-wire business jet offers reliability and safety along with its high performance capabilities.

At Monmouth Executive Airport in New Jersey, we welcome business jets and charter aircraft of all backgrounds. With 24-hour on-field maintenance crews, executive travel and parking and first class fuelling options, our staff and facilities can easily accommodate multi-jet aircraft as well as helicopters and piston airplanes. We also offer affordable, high-quality aircraft hangar space along with our first-class FBO amenities. For more information, please contact us or visit our website at today.


What Amenities Can you Expect to find at Private Airports?

monmouth-logoPrivate airports strive to create a charter jet experience that is truly world class. Whether you are starting or ending your journey at a private airport facility you can rest assured that your experience will be built around accommodation, professionalism, efficiency and – above all – luxury. Monmouth Jet Center has made numerous improvements to become world class in their FBO and service offerings:

  • A spacious, exclusively appointed waiting area for clients which is open 24 hours a day.
  • First class concierge services for both passengers and operators.
  • Customized executive travel and parking assistance.
  • Simplified, direct boarding procedure where passengers are driven directly to the airplane’s steps and security procedures (including the security scan) can be completed without leaving the car.
  • Limousine and taxi services to and from the airport as well as car rental facilities.
  • Dining and catering options, including light refreshments and restaurants.
  • Free high-speed Internet over WiFi.

Additional services offered by Monmouth Jet Center to enhance the overall experience for operators and passengers alike include:

  • On field aircraft maintenance services.
  • 24 hour fuel availability, including AVgas and Jet-A fuel.
  • Lavatory servicing, de-icing services and GPU (Ground Power Units).
  • World-class airplane hangar space at affordable rates for helicopters, prop planes and multi-engine Gulfstream jets.

At Monmouth Executive Airport and Jet Center, we’re dedicated to delivering an airport experience which enhances your journey. From a comfortable, well-appointed waiting area with high speed Internet access, to light refreshments and limousine/taxi services to and from the airport, our staff is happy to assist you through your travels. While we are conveniently located close to the Garden State Parkway with fast transport links, we can also offer helicopter service into New York City, just 20 minutes away.

For more information about utilizing charter jets at Monmouth Executive Airport in New Jersey, please contact us or visit our website at today.

Your first trip on a corporate jet? Here’s what to expect

Jet Fuel From TobaccoYour first trip on a private charter or corporate jet should be an exciting and fulfilling experience – and knowing the rules for jet etiquette will help enhance every aspect of your journey. While the rules for commercial airliner travel are fairly well known and are getting stricter and less flexible every year, rules for corporate and charter jets are a bit different. Here’s a brief guide from Monmouth Executive Airport on the do’s and don’ts of exclusive travel:

  • Dress appropriately – For corporate trips, business wear is ideal, but for leisure trips a more casual look is ideal. After all, this experience is all about travelling in comfort.
  • Let your host board first – If you’re a guest, this is the best way to board the aircraft. It gives your host a chance to point out amenities, introduce you to staff and ensures you don’t sit in his or her preferred seat.
  • Keep devices on – Staying in contact is integral to the private jet experience. You can take or make calls, browse online, check email and host conferences as you would in the office.
  • Talk to staff – Want particular music, a movie or something to drink? Let the staff know – they are there to look after you and make your experience as comfortable as possible.
  • Got pets? – Pets are welcome inside the cabin, but it’s best to ensure your animals are properly groomed beforehand to ensure that upholstery stays clean.
  • Got questions? – If you want to speak to the staff or the pilots, don’t hesitate to do so. The cockpit door stays open, so you can visit the flight deck at any time. Even if you don’t have questions, the view is always something to remember.
  • Relax – Sit back and enjoy yourself, the staff are there to carry your bags, properly stow them and look after all the needs of you and the other passengers, so you can absorb the private jet experience.

At Monmouth Executive Airport, your private jet experience begins long before you takeoff. With our exclusive services for private charter companies and convenient location in New Jersey, we’re able to ideally meet the needs of the private flyer. With attractive leasing options, ample airplane hangar space, fuel and executive travel and parking services, we’re providing world-class amenities from the moment you arrive. For more information, please visit our website at today.

How business jets and charter flights accommodate disabled and mobility impaired passengers

Monmouth Executive Airport - Old GLoryFlying on private business jets can be summed up under one philosophy: meeting your needs, whatever they are. This extends to everything from dietary requests and in-flight Internet connectivity to strictly customized flight schedules and flexibility. For passengers who are disabled or mobility impaired, similar dedication is taken in order to meet your needs. This results in an experience which far surpasses what commercial airliners are able to provide.

  • The boarding procedure: When boarding a private jet, the process is simplified for convenience. With executive travel and parking services, passengers are driven directly to the airplane’s steps and can undergo the security procedures, including the security scan, without leaving the car. Staff will be available if any assistance is required and passengers are able to embark at their own pace.
  • The travel experience: Depending on the type of jet, the configuration of seats and storage will differ. However, unlike the one-size-fits-all commercial airliner experience, many jets can easily accommodate wheelchairs and other mobility equipment in the cabin for easy access. With plenty of extra legroom, comfortable seating and secure car-seat style seatbelts, you will be able to get in and out of your seat with complete ease. As always, staff will be on hand to provide any additional assistance.
  • Additional services: Private charters can also easily accommodate services for anyone with more serious physical needs, for example, medical equipment, oxygen tanks and on-site medical assistance.

At Monmouth Executive Airport, we pride ourselves of enhancing the private jet experience by providing exceptional facilities and support to charter companies, including high quality, competitively priced rates, fuel and hangar space in New Jersey, ensuring a high-quality travel experience before you even leave the ground. For more information, please visit our website at today.

Your guide to winter flying from corporate jet specialists

monmouth-runway.fwWith winter in full swing and transport compromised by snow, storms and ice it is important corporate jet clients know what to expect from charter flights during this challenging season.

Corporate jets can still fly – Due to the fact there are ten times more airport options for charter flights and these pilots can be far more flexible in terms of their flight plan, private jets are often available to fly when commercial airliners aren’t. Safety however, will still be a top priority, but you can be assured flights will only be grounded when all other options are exhausted.

Smaller airports can often cope better with extreme weather – Business jets and charter airplanes are much smaller than commercial airliners, so they can take off and land on far shorter runways. These runways can be cleared much more quickly when a break in the weather occurs and, due to the reduced traffic at these airports, delays are much shorter.

De-icing may affect your flight – but not your budget – All ice has to be removed from an aircraft before it can safely take off and, while this process is faster with smaller aircraft it can still result in delays and increases in the flight cost. Fortunately, charter companies are liable for this cost – not passengers – so you won’t experience a cost increase for your flight.

Stranded? A private jet can help – Extreme winter weather can ground commercial aircraft for days if not weeks, but private jets can start using runways and running safely far more quickly should the weather allow. If you get stranded at an airport and need to get the first flight out possible, a private jet will be able to assist you as quickly as possible.

At Monmouth Executive Airport, we provide exceptional facilities for charter companies and their clients, from affordable fuel and hangar space in New Jersey to executive parking, concierge, restaurant and travel services. For more information on our airport and jetport, please visit our website at today.

Why private business jets are the way you need to travel in 2015

monmouth-airport-logoHappy New Year! 2015 is already set to become a year full of challenges as well as opportunities and the specialists at Monmouth Executive Airport in New Jersey are ready to help your business soar. But what makes flying by private jet charter so integral to the success of your business? Find out here:

  • Agility – Need to make a last minute decision to stay ahead of the competition and finalize a deal halfway across the country? With a commercial flight, you’ll waste hours organizing tickets, waiting to depart, checking in baggage and making stops en route. With a private jet, you can set the time of the flight, arrive 10 to 15 minutes before takeoff and fly directly to your destination without having to follow commercial flight paths. This will cut your travel time down to a fraction of what it was, allowing you to make vital business decisions as quickly as possible.
  • Customization – Commercial airliners have to cater to the needs of hundreds of passengers, whilst private charters are able to customize their services to fit your exact needs. From the size of the jet, onboard facilities and inflight menu to taking your pets and sample products, your charter company can offer you a solution that caters to you.
  • Experience – Rather than using the one-size-fits-all accommodation available on commercial airplanes, corporate jets offer an exceptional, high quality experience before you even board your jet. From customized executive travel and parking assistance to customized refreshments and high speed Internet access, your flight is a place of relaxation or productivity rather than a necessary but inconvenient experience.
  • Time-saving – Rather than using busy public airports, private jet clients can choose airfields closer to home or the office, allowing you to avoid traffic and unnecessary travel. Not only are these airports conveniently located, they have also been designed with private clients in mind. From superior facilities to hosting exceptional corporate charter companies, business and private travellers will find everything they need to travel efficiently – and in style.

If you are considering flying out of New Jersey, Monmouth Executive Airport offers everything business and private travellers require. For charter companies, we offer high quality, competitively priced rates, fuel and hangar space in New Jersey, whilst you and your clients receive an exceptional flying experience. For more information, please visit our website at today.

Can a personal aircraft offer big business benefits?

cropped-kblm-monmouth-airport-jet-center-enhancedarialphoto2.jpgWhen it comes to corporate travel, there really are only two options – using commercial flights or using a private aircraft. While commercial airlines appear to be the more cost-effective option, there are a number of reasons why a private jet should be your preferred choice:

  • Save time – It hardly needs to be said that in business, time is money. Unlike commercial flights where you have to fit into their schedule, a private jet is highly flexible and can be organized in as little as a few hours. Rather than dealing with queues and boarding requirements, you can simply arrive at the airport minutes before your flight, allowing you to stay productive and in contact right up until your arrival. Business jets also have amenities that allow you to work as you fly, allowing you to hit the ground running.
  • Convenient locations – Commercial airliners are restricted to a select number of airports across the country while private aircraft can operate from almost ten times as many locations. This means you avoid heavy traffic and long journeys to overcrowded airports.
  • Fewer restrictions – Unlike commercial aircraft, private aircraft have fairly relaxed restrictions on what you can bring onboard – from pets and special belongings to product samples and excess baggage.
  • Quality service – With luxury furnishings, space to stretch out and personalized in-flight service, you’ll be able to relax – ensuring you arrive at your destination refreshed and recharged.
  • Faster trip – Private aircraft aren’t restricted to the same routes as commercial aircraft and fly at a higher altitude allowing them to take the most direct route with the least amount of fuel stops. This means you get to your destination significantly faster, allowing you to make urgent meetings which otherwise would be impossible to get to on time.

Our NJ executive airport is ideal for private aircraft and business jets

Monmouth Executive Airport is a leading facility in New Jersey for corporate jets and private aircraft. Offering high quality, competitively priced rates, fuel and hangar space in New Jersey, we offer you and your clients an exceptional flying experience. For more information, please visit our website at today.

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