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Flying To The 2017 Cannes Film Festival? Let Monmouth Airport Take You There

This year marks a significant milestone for the acclaimed Cannes Film Festival. Running for its 70th year, the 2017 festival will be held in France from 17-28 May. Featuring renowned Spanish film director and screenwriter Pedro Almodóvar as President of the jury and Italian actress Monica Bellucci as host, this year’s film festival promises to be the most exciting, exclusive and creative cinema event yet. Fortunately, Monmouth Executive Airport in New Jersey is ready to whisk you away on your private flight to Cannes in style.

What’s the Cannes Film Festival line up for 2017 

This festival is known for keeping film selections quiet until the very last moment, but the organizers released the line-up last week and the selection looks promising to say the least! Some of the most anticipated films of this year’s festival include:

  • Sicilian Ghost Story – Directed by Grassadonia and Piazza, 2013 winners, this is a story about the disappearance of a young boy, and a young girl fighting back against the silence of her community in the face of this event.
  • A Violent Life – Set in Corsica, this political and historical film is directed by Thierry de Peretti. It’s ultra-realistic focus is on the political radicalization of the main character.
  • Bloody Milk – This is a thriller directed by Hubert Charuel, revolving around a dairy farmer and his family, who faces disaster when infection strikes his herd.
  • Brigsby Bear – Directed by Dave McCary, this is the festival’s closing film. An American comedy-drama, it stars Kyle Mooney, Clare Danes, Mark Hamill and other well-known Hollywood stars, and focuses on a journey to complete the story of a well-known children’s show.
  • Tehran Taboo – This is an animated film directed by Ali Soozandeh, and focuses on life in Tehran where the lives of three women and a young musician cross paths in a society filled with contradictions.

Start your journey in style from Monmouth Executive Airport in NJ

Located outside of crowded Class B airspace, Monmouth Airport is still just a quick hour’s drive by car (or 20 minutes by helicopter) to the center of Manhattan, making us a real alternative to congested New York City, Philadelphia and Jersey Shore gateway airports.

With exclusive FBO services, concierge services and amenities, our airport offers everything that local and international visitors deserve. With a runway of over 7300 feet and 24/7 services, we can handle almost all classes of non-commercial jets with ease.

If you fly your own aircraft, we also offer hangar space in NJ available immediately, including T-hangars, as well as custom hangar space. We stock both Avfuel 100 II and Jet A at competitive rates, and offer volume fuel discounts.

Through our world-class amenities and services, we offer private clients an exceptional flying experience. For more information, please visit our website at http://monmouthjetcenter.com/ today.

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It’s the beginning of 2017 and this means it’s the perfect time to take advantage of our new opportunities and invest in hangar space for your aircraft. Find out why from Monmouth Executive Airport and Jetport.

  1. New investment opportunities: The New Year is a great time for businesses and individuals to create new opportunities and make positive changes – and that goes for private airports as well as everyone else. At Monmouth Airport, we’re opening significant acreage for development, including the building and leasing of aircraft hangar space – some of which is already available.
  2. Better variety of options: Finding hangar space is no longer a matter of taking what you can get, when you can get it. Thanks to our new development strategy, private owners and charter companies can utilize hangar space in a way that suits them – all at a competitive rate and available immediately. With hangar space for rent or purchase, as well as a range of t-hangars, communal hangar space and hangars with attached office space, you have different options at your fingertips. In addition, we’re offering the opportunity to also develop custom hangar space that is built according to your exact specifications.
  3. Save money: An aircraft is a significant cost and simply using a tie down and letting it face the harsh elements head on is not maximizing your investment. Not only can your aircraft be damaged by freezing temperatures, wind, storms, sunshine and hail, outdoor aircraft also suffer from more frequent repair and maintenance issues. They usually have to be moved off-site or into a working hangar to get necessary repairs done, while housed aircraft can be worked on in all weather conditions easily and conveniently.

Affordable hangars in New Jersey and expert FBO services at Monmouth Airport 

With the longest private runway in the country at over 7300 feet in addition to our spacious hangars, we ensure that we can handle almost any class of non-commercial jet with ease. We also offer:

  • On-site jet and aircraft maintenance and repair services.
  • 24-hour fuel availability, including AVgas and Jet-A fuel at highly competitive rates.
  • 24-hour LED-based airport lighting and rotating beacon.
  • 24- hour lavatory servicing, de-icing services and GPU (Ground Power Units).
  • Airplane hangar space available immediately at affordable rates for helicopters, prop planes and multi-engine Gulfstream jets.

For more information about Monmouth Executive Airport in New Jersey, please contact us or visit our website at http://monmouthjetcenter.com/ today.

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Space for charter companies and their private jets is at a premium in the greater New York area, with excessive costs to match – but not at Monmouth Executive Airport in New Jersey. Recently, we have opened up around 850 acres of land for development, with a priority focus on meeting the specific hangar-related needs of private owners and charter companies alike. For this reason, we are offering airplane hangar space in New Jersey at an affordable rate.

Partnering with Monmouth Airport means accessing a range of airplane hangar options, including:

  • Aircraft hangar rentals – prebuilt and available immediately.
  • Hangars for sale – prebuilt and available immediately.
  • Custom built aircraft hangar space with attached office space – Build your charter company’s hangar to your own specifications to ensure that your needs are met exactly.

Our hangars include t-hangars as well as shared/communal hangars for rent or purchase, all at competitive rates. Our facilities are able to service most aircraft types, including prop planes, helicopters and multi-engine private jets, and we offer on-site aircraft maintenance services to provide additional value. With the longest private runway in the country, landings and take-offs are easy even for the bigger private jets – and our 24/7 FBO services provide highly professional support and additional services.

Outside of crowded Class B airspace but just a quick hour’s drive by car (or 20 minutes by helicopter) to the center of Manhattan, Monmouth Executive Airport is a viable and high quality alternative to congested New York City, Philadelphia and Jersey Shore gateway airports.

Monmouth Executive Airport sets the standard for private jet travel 

In addition to our competitively priced hangars and aircraft hangar packages, we also offer private owners and charter companies world-class support and FBO services. From lavatory servicing, de-icing services and fuel loyalty programs to our well-appointed waiting lounge and concierge services, we strive to offer pilots, crews and passengers a truly high-quality experience.

For more information about Monmouth Jet Center or airplane hangars in New Jersey, please contact us or visit our website at http://monmouthjetcenter.com/ today.

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Hangar Rental: The need for enforcement of rules governing hangar usage

Monmouth Jet Center FBO Monmouth Executive AirportUp until recently, the non-aeronautical use of airplane hangers in New Jersey and other states has largely remained unregulated by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA).

While OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations, building codes and licensing requirements have long been in place to ensure the safety of hangars, airports and their associated facilities, the use of the hangers themselves by those renting space had been governed by rules set by each individual airport or airfield, as well as the aviation community using the space.

This has resulted in inconsistent use of hanger space, with renters storing vehicles, household items and other non-aeronautical items in the hangers – an issue that has resulted in the FAA drawing up formal regulations for hangar usage. Whilst these rules, once formalized, will apply to airports that want federal grants, they are designed to streamline hanger use as well as increase important safety aspects.

By enforcing these rules, the FAA and airports that adopt this policy aim to:

  • Remove non-aeronautical items being stored in hangers.
  • Open up hanger space for rental (which is in high demand) that is being taken up by non-aeronautical items.
  • Open up storage for aeronautical items that currently cannot be stored in hangars due to space issues.
  • Prohibit certain types of aircraft repair and construction that impact on the space and quality of hangar storage.

These regulations have not been formalized or enforced at this stage but the development of a clear-cut, well thought-out policy on hangar usage will bring positive change to this side of flying, making aircraft storage more practical and available.

Hangar rental information

If you are looking for hangar space for rent in New Jersey, it’s important to select a provider such as Monmouth Executive Airport which provides clear guidelines on hangar usage – and enforces these regulations – to ensure you have a high-quality client experience. It is also advised to specifically target airports that can supply you with the appropriate space for your aircraft – whether it’s a prop plane, helicopter or multi-engine Gulfstream charter jet – immediately, in order to avoid inconvenient waiting periods.

For more information on hangar rental in New Jersey, contact us today.